Welcome, to the blog of the Sailing Catamaran Logic, she is a 2010 aluminium 48 footer designed and built by Tim Mumby.

After decades of careers and families, it is now my time….. to explore the planet…….immersed in the natural world of wind, water and the lands girthed by that water.

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Frazza #3, The Whitsundays

The weather forecast for the next week was light southerlies. Ideal weather for me to show Barry, my favorite spots in The WhitsundaysThe wind was 10kts from dead astern, so we wing-on-winged the Screecher and the Genoa for the 45 miles to Scawfell Island the island has a “pacman” shape, open to the NW A lovely […]

Frazza #3,part 1, 2022

4 years ago, my good friend Barry and I were “bachelor” sailing around New Caledonia. An adventure I covered in 2 previous blog posts Iles Loyaute (The Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia) – Sailing Logic Frazza 2018, comes to an end – Sailing Logic then 2 and half years ago, Barry and Bruno flew into Port […]

Giving Logic some loving

(Rather than my usual homogenate of my blog posts been a multitude of topics, I felt that my experience sailing north with Barry needed to be a stand alone, so I will do a couple of short blog post, as a preamble) For the last couple of years had been trying to get a tradesman […]

Family Time

My blogging has evolved from being a record of my sailing experiences, too including my on-land travels and my family photos to share with family and friends. I had a lot of lovely experiences with my family over the last 5 months. The photos of which, family and land friends would appreciate. (sailor friends and […]

Home Again-Home Again…….jiggity-jig (part 2)

This is the second part of my blogging of Logic‘s sail down from Cairns to Brisbane. The first part has us at day 3 of a 5 day stay in the Mackay Marina, while we waited for a southerly blow to go over and the return of the northerlies. I was continuing with a daily […]

Home Again-Home Again…….jiggity-jig

The cyclone season is approaching, time to sail Logic south, to get away from the cyclones. Via this blog site, a few months previously I was approached by Len, who is in the process of buying a sister-ship to Logic, which is in the Philippines. Naturally he was very keen for the experience of sailing […]

Cairns-Lizard Island-Cairns

A priority for me sailing north, is to get to Lizard Island. It can be a “lobster trap”, very easy to get to with the prevailing South Easterlies tradewind, blowing up the Queensland Coast, and then a wait, for potentially weeks, for enough east in the wind to sail back down the coast. Around mid-October, […]

Louis’ walking

The Pandemic has been a significant positive for me. Instead of cruising the South Pacific Islands, I have been able to watch my grandson Louis (Lou-ie) grow up. I sailed north from Brisbane in March, with 3, 5-day fly-in-fly-outs, staying with Kate, Jackson and LOUIS.  Flying down from Gladstone, Mackay and Townsville. Queensland has been […]

Cruising the Great Barrier Reef

Firstly a bit of geography. The depth of the water for 30-100 miles off most of the Queensland Coast is 30-50mts, then it comes to the edge of the continental shelf, where the depth, falls away rapidly to 500mt to 1Km. As the sea level has gone up and down with climate change (Ice Ages), […]

I’m back

I flew back from Poland in early March 2020, full of anticipation about sailing back to Vanuatu in May. The standing rigging (wires that hold the mast up) had reached it’s recommended 10 year life, so the mast needed to come down, for the rigger to take the old wires off and attached the new […]

I’m a grandfather

On the 3rd of August 2020, my Precious Eldest Daughter (PED for short) Kate and her husband Jackson, become the proud parents of Louis Rupert Bradshaw (Pronounced Louie) The same midwife who delivered Kate 30 years previously, delivered Louis. A fact that made it newsworthy enough to make it into the state wide newspaper.(A baby […]

Warsaw ..Central European History in 4 Dimensions

Apologies for the delay in getting around to writing up my time in Poland, there was a lot of boat jobs that needed doing before I could put Logic back in the water, plus the daily changes in the world as it responded to the Wuhan Virus (CoVid-19). But I have been using the time […]

Ireland….a journey into my genealogical and religious roots

My father spent a lot of time working on our family tree. He found a couple of the obligatory convicts, in every multi-generational Australian family tree. Plus, three generations of Tullochs, that were forced off the Orkney Islands in Northern Scotland, in  1830s Highland Clearance (which I mentioned in my blog, as I went through […]

Genuflecting and drinking beer in Devon, England

I had a very pleasant 8 days in Torquay, The 5 weeks prior were very full-on and I needed some “cave time”. Torquay is endeavoring to sell itself as the English Riviera, but the weather for the first 5 days, was not picture postcard stuff. I was starting to wonder if the sun was still […]


Our itinerary (apart from Riga for New Years and taking Santa home) has been very much decided by what others have recommended. Our travel agent recommended Tallinn, the boys in the Bar in Riga recommended Vilnius, and some people in the Hotel in Riga, had a great time in Prague last year. So Prague became […]

Vilnius, Lithuania

Next stop on our Eastern Europe Odyssey was Vilnius in Lithuania. As a break from airplanes and airports we used the local buses for the 600 km transit south, from Estonia to Lithuania. 5 hrs to Riga, then another 4 hrs to Vilnius the countryside was flat all the way. Marginal fertility through Estonia and […]

Tallinn, Estonia

The next stop on our Eastern Europe Odyssey, was to fly 1,200kms south from Lapland to Tallinn, Estonia The 4 star hotels we have been staying in have been to a very high standard. The  2 yo Metropol Spa Hotel in Tallin was not an exceptionthe fit-out was new, upmarket and enjoyable the spread available […]

aurora borealis (northern lights)

The aurora borealis (northern lights) form when charged particles emitted from the sun during a solar flare penetrate the earth’s magnetic shield and collide with atoms and molecules in our atmosphere. These collisions result in countless little bursts of light, called photons, which make up the aurora. One of the best places in the world […]

Santa goes home

When I was in full-on “South Seas Vagabond” mode, my beard decided to get in on the act, growing itself to Santa Claus proportionswhen Lisa suggested we go to Lapland, to see the Northern Lights, it recognised that Lapland is also the location of the official residence of Santa Claus, so it  started vigorously shaking […]

catching an Ice Hockey match in Helsinki

In my reading prior to departure, I discovered that Ice Hockey was the nearest thing to a national sport up here. So of course, I felt a need to see a game live, while we were up this way. My stockbroker is an Ice Hockey tragic, and was eager to help me, make it happen. […]

Seeing in the New Decade, from behind the Old Iron Curtain

The initial plan was to go to Vienna for New Years, but everything was either booked or as dear as poison. Lisa has a friend from Latvia, Liene, who she was exchanging email with, in one of which she told Lisa that she was going to be in Riga over New Years, and would be […]

Christmas in Cornwall

Christmas is only a few days away I’m at Lisa’s, in Penryn, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom the Christmas tree is upTime to pick up Lisa’s grandson Oliver and drive down to Mousehole, to see the Christmas lights Christmas Eve, we walked the 2.5 miles from Penryn to Falmouth Harbour to catch the ferry to St. […]

Swapping a summer solstice for a winter solstice

The vast majority of people would question the sanity of me swapping a summer solstice, for a winter solstice . The cyclone season in the southern hemisphere is from the 1st of November to the 30th of April. Forcing me to take Logic out  of the South Pacific then, back to the heat of an […]

Pickinnies, Pickinnies…….Old and Young

At my daughter Kate and Jackson’s wedding last year, I gave them a gift certificate to visit Logic this year. We were now at the time when they cashed their certificate in. I had been looking forward to them flying in for months. Initially we were planning on them flying in to Luganville, to sail […]

I did it……pinch myself …….Yes……..it is not a dream

 9 years ago, suffering from serious work related burn-out, I decided I needed a scuba diving holiday break, away from work. The only one that I could find online for next week, was diving the wreck of the SS President Coolidge, a 200mt cruise liner that had sunk, just outside Luganville (Vanuatu) in WW2. While […]

A SEASIDE HOLIDAY with my adopted family….Francis gets a pickininie fix

Up until a generation ago, by now I would be a grandfather, getting to enjoy grandchildren, but not in the 21st century. Luckily I have been adopted by a Ni-Vanuatu family, so I can get a pickininie fix.  When I left Karl and Nora last year, we had shaken hands on them and their daughters […]

4th Vanuatu National Arts Festival Days 4 & 5

This is part 3 of my write up of the 4th Vanuatu National Arts Festival, it will probably make more sense if you start from Part 1. By now I was in a routine, of paddling the SUP ashore at Litslits (litz-litz), to be greeted by the pickininies (which is the Bislama word for children, […]

4th Vanuatu National Arts Festival Days 2 & 3

Day 1 was big, but Day 2 was bigger (probably because the Prime Minister came for the day)and then these amazing masks started walking in a lot of chickens have gone into all these decorations   and then it was time for high chiefs from all over Vanuatu, to lead the Prime Minister to the […]

4th Vanuatu National Arts Festival

I had an uneventful sail over from Ambrym to Uri Island on Malekula to anchor up for the 5 day Vanuatu National Arts Festival, that was been held at Lakatorothis was the 4th Nation Arts Festival since Independence 39 years ago, there are trying to get back to a 5 yearly schedule after the last […]


on the top of Ambrym, is a village called Olal (Ol-Al)The anchorage was a gap in the reef, right on the top of the island, beam on to the trade winds and resulting swell. I had some trepidations about going straight in so, I anchored around the western corner and checked it out in Albert, […]

Vao…..the return of Francois

off the north eastern corner of Malekula  there is a lovely little Island called Vao (vow)with an anchorage on the western side, giving protection from the SEly trade windsI endeavor to do my travelling during the week days and anchor off a village over the week end, when the children are not in school. So […]

Dixon Reef…..Francis becomes Francois, for 5 days

I was thinking of giving you a break from village blog posts in Vanuatu (and me, a break from posting), but then I went back through my photos from the last 2 weeks, and reminisced the experiences. These are too special. not to share. I am so lucky to be doing what I am. I […]

Big Bay

At the top of Esperito Santo there is big bay, with the unoriginal name of Big Bay My genome has programed me to wonder what’s over the next hill, Big Bay is a place few cruisers go, but the few that had, had enjoyed their time there. So of course I had to sail around […]

Going south, through The Banks Islands

The ideal weather was forecast to come to an end, so reluctantly we left Ureparapara First stop was an easy 15miles south, to a place halfway down the west coast for Vanua Lava called Waterfall. Where we anchored in the bay just north of the impressive waterfall a nice spot close to the reef with […]

Ureparapara (the Pacman Island)

It was a week of crossing things of my bucket list, first a VILLAGE FEEDER, then Ureparapara (Ura-para-para). The island is an old volcanic cone that has been breached by the sea on its east coast, resulting in a look identical to the Pacman, from the Pacman video game the guide said the anchorage, at […]

The quest to catch a village feeder

One of the items on my bucket list for this year’s cruising season was to catch a fish, big enough to feed the next village I sailed too, a “VILLAGE FEEDER”. Before I could cross it off my bucket list, Karl did it in increments. When we arrived in Oyster Bay, the striped mackerel were […]

over to Uri Island, for a belated Birthday party

On my last trip to Vanuatu, I formed a strong friendship with Karl, his wife Nora, and their 3 daughters, Elizabeth (8yo) Jeanie (6yo) and Dorthey (3yo). When Karl saw on Facebook that it was my birthday, he sent me a message, that we would celebrate it when I got to his home island, Uri, […]

Land Diving…..south Penticost Island

One of the major reasons I fast-tracked getting to Vanuatu in May, was to watch the Land Diving on Pentecost Island, which is only done on Saturdays in May and June. Today I got to see it live. It was exactly the same as seeing a musician live, as opposed to watching them on MTV. […]

Yee Ha…..what a ride

    As the weather forecast predicted, the weather front came over Lord Howe Island in the morning, with gusts of 50kts. When it swung to the west, the only protection was from the outer reef. Luckily, the tide was low as it came through. Otherwise, it would have been rougher than it was. There […]

Stuck at Lord Howe Island for a week

We did the Australian customs clearance at Coffs Harbour and left Australia at 3pm on Thursday the 2nd of MayIt was great to be back in passage making mode, sailing away from land, hoping more of it would pop out of the horizon, in days time. It should have been a nice easy sail with […]

ready, set, go, the South Pacific here we come

The last week, has been the perfect preparation for Logic and her crew for the passage, back into the South Pacific. (Miriam and Nick, will have been onboard for a week prior to our departure) I left Mooloolaba on the 25th of April, which is ANZAC day. They do a dawn service on the beach […]

Finally the cyclone season comes to an end

It feels like years ago that I left Vanuatu, to escape the approaching cyclone season, but it was less than 6mts ago. The amazing experiences I shared with Lisa on our UK ROAD TRIP, is probably the reason, it feels like so long agoBefore I went on ROAD TRIP,  a heap of boat jobs needed […]

U.K. ROAD TRIP….the return journey Scotland to Cornwall (via The Lake District)

All things must come to an end, including this phase of ROAD TRIP, time to start heading south. First stop on our journey south was a couple of nights in Inverness  Underlining how lucky we had been to get good weather to get out to The Orkney Islands yesterday, we left Dunnet in torrential rain […]

UK ROAD TRIP….Northern Scottish Coast

After 2 glorious days on the Isle of Skye, it was time to continue our journey north, up the west coast of Scotlandto our night’s accommodation at Ullapoolthe scenery we drove through was extraordinary (apologies if there is too many landscape photos for your liking but they are the essence of northern Scotland at this time of […]

UK ROAD TRIP…Scotland…Part 1

We crossed the England/Scotland border on the east coastheading for a overnighter in Edinburghwith a couple of delightful coastal fishing villages to explore on the way there, and St. Abbs then onto Edinburghwith it’s castle (in the background)We walked the Royal Mile up to the castle gatesThe queues are non-existent at this time of the year […]

U.K. ROAD TRIP….Yorkshire and Northumbria

Driving east from North Wales, our first major city was Chester Lisa spent her childhood growing up in Cheshire, so a visit to Chester was like coming home for her and an enjoyment of showing me around the city the overnight snowing and sub zero temperatures, made for slippery conditionswe stopped into Saint John’s Churchwhere we […]


Excitedly we loaded up the car and headed off for Wales. Our first hotel was in Crickhowell, 4hrs awaytemperature was 5C, wet and foggy Lisa was doing a Lisa, putting more planning into our itinenary than most military campaigns Before we knew it we had driven past Bristol across the Severn Bridge and we were in Wales […]

U.K. ROAD TRIP…Cornwall

After only having 15nights off Logic in the last 3 years, it was important that I did something land based for a few months.  So in early January I left Logic, safely moored in a marina near Brisbaneand set off on 30hr journey to the other side of the worldTook the Airport Express train from […]

Going South, Vanuatu, Part 2

Karl and I left Port Stanley, for the second time, with a light westerly, coming off Malekula (No white caps this time) 26 miles down the coast to Banam Baya lovely sunset, then a moonless evening, ideal for hanging a light off the back of the boat, to attracting bait fish, then catching the bigger […]

Going south, Vanuatu….the loop

The wind was from the South East at 15-25kts for 6 days, making it silly for me to leave my anchorage in Post Stanley, half way down the eastern side of Malekula, and motor into it. I had struck up a friendship with Karl, who lived on one on the nearby islands. We would go […]

going south, Vanuatu. Part 1

The prevailing wind in Vanuatu at this time of the year is from the South Eastwhich makes it easy to sail from the south to the north, going back to the south is a mater of exploiting any favorable weather window. The weather forecast, was a couple of days of 10kt easterlies then a week […]

Vanua Lava (The Banks Islands, Vanuatu)

After a very enjoyable time in Gaua, it was time to leave and catch up with Daniel and Andrea on Rehab, who had moved round to Vureas Bay on Vanua Lava (after Daniel had picked up Andrea from airport at Sola on the SEed side of the island)It was a lovely quick sail, of 22miles, […]

doing the school run

Cruising around the South Pacific is never boring, full of the unexpected, like being asked to take some kids back to boarding school, on the other side of the island (Gaua, Vanuatu). The village did not have any road access and it was only 20 miles, so I said “yeah, sure”. 2 kids turned into […]

Espiritu Santo, then up to Gaua

Our journey north continues. A map will give you a better idea of what I am doingThis is the tracker for my last 4 months, this blog post covers my recent travels through Espiritu Santo and then GauaLuganville is the second largest city in Vanuatu. It has rudimentary supermarkets and a very good fresh fruit […]


Daniel and I had a great sail from  Leman Bay, on Upi,  to The Maskelyne Islands off the south eastern corner of MalekulaHe pulled out his screecher, while I went more conservative, with a full mainsail and genoaI did a perfect job of following the way points, through a tight 50mt wide gap in the reefs, […]

Port Vila to Lamon Bay, Epi, Vanuatu

  Staying in the Marina in  Port Vila was great for fruits and vegetables provisioning at  the market 250mts down the road The gas bottle was filled as was the outboard fuel tank, water tanks etc. The larder was replenished at the well stocked supermarket. But it was hot out of the wind, the mosquitos […]


We left Erromango at first light, endeavouring to cover the 80 miles to the anchorage in Efate in time to drop the anchor while the sun was still up Last nights anchorage was little more than a small cove in the coastline There is something special about making one’s morning tea with  this view from […]


We left Aneityum with a 10kt following breeze to overnight at Port Resolution on Tanna (44miles) then Erromango the following day (62 miles) the volcano did a smoke and ash show for us, as we left  Port Resolution, in the morningas we approached Erromango, the stunning topography had mobile phone towers on the mountain topsThe economics […]


In my adolescence I had fantasies of going to exotic sounds place names, for adventure, names like Katmandu and Timbuctoo. A few years ago, I first saw Aneityum on a map of Vanuatu, and it was instantly added towards the top of  my fantasy sailing destination list. It the most southern habituated island of Vanuatu, due […]

off to my favorite country in the world, Vanuatu

Twocan and Logic, returned to Noumea, were we met up with Daniel and Andrea on Rehab Now there were 3 Mumby cats anchored togetherThe anchorage in Noumea harbour was getting too crowded, so we anchored in Baie de Citrons and commuted via Albert, under the bridge to the marina, and the dingy dockTannis flew in from […]

Frazza 2018, comes to an end

One of the joyous things about the cruising life, is the amazing friendships I have made along the way. This time last year I motored into Musket Cove in Fiji, to see another Mumby 48, already there, so after picking up a mooring buoy,  I dropped the dingy in the water and went over to […]

Iles Loyaute (The Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia)

At the end of the last blog post Barry on his boat Twocan and I on Logic, had just arrived at Drueulu, on Lifou Island (the middle of the 3 Loyalty Island)We took Barry’s dingy ashore “Coutume should be followed” which means we should go looking for the chief to give him a gift, to show our appreciation […]

Looking for Crew

My crew from 1st of August, cannot now make it, so I am now looking for crew from then on. Barry and I will be bachelor cruising, until the end of this month. Then Tannis is flying over from Winnipeg to get a 1 month cruising fix, as we take Logic from Noumea (New Caledonia) to […]

New Caledonia

After successfully escaping Oz, before winter had had a chance to start, it was time to start enjoying the delights of South Pacific Islands cruising. I had caught up with Barry (owner of Logic‘s sistership Twocan) while in Melbourne, were he and his lovely wife Margaret, spend their summers. As is the serendipity of the […]

Sydney to Noumea

    The cyclone season in the tropical South Pacific Ocean, officially ends on 30th of April, so we left Australia for New Caledonia on the 1st of May. Last May, I met Nik and Chelsea in Fiji after they had sailed up from NZ in another boat. They jumped at the chance to do […]

Melbourne to Port Welshpool

The stitchers are out of my calf, so there is nothing hold me back from starting the journey back up the east Coast of Australia. Kevin who sailed with me across the Tasman Sea to New Zealand last year, has signed up for the sail to Sydney. His 12yo son Cody and his mate Michael’s […]


I know, this blog is suppose to be a sailing blog, but I had such a great time in Melbourne, that I decided to break that rule. At the end of the last post Lisa and I had docked Logic at the Melbourne City Marina in Docklands above “city” in the above photo was the […]

Sydney to Melbourne

We were running out of time, if Lisa was to be in Melbourne for her flight back to UK in a fortnight. The weather forecast was 3 days of northerly, then multiple days of southerlies, after a front came through, so reluctantly we where only in Sydney for 20hrs. The plan was to use those […]

Port Stephens to Sydney

  Unlike the life I use to live, where the weather did not impact my day to day decisions, weather is an important variable in a cruising yachtys life. Strong winds and winds coming from where I want to go are obviously avoided, that is when I find a well-protected anchorage, read a book and/or […]

Gold Coast to Port Stephens

The “splash” from The Boatworks was uneventful, all the necessary equipment on board worked perfectly. Time to start our journey south, how far we get over Lisa’s month in Oz will be dependant on the weather. Favorable winds will have us moving, unfavorable and we will be exploring/enjoying the anchorage. First anchorage was “Bum’s Bay” […]

Getting Logic ready for the 2018 cruising season

My good friend Lisa (who sailed with me in New Zealand, last year) was getting winter cabin fever in her home port of Falmouth, Cornwall, United Kingdom, and has a spare month. The dynamics  worked so well last time she came cruising on Logic, that the offer for her to join me, for a month of […]

Back to Australia

Blog catch up time!! I have been back in my home town of Brisbane, Australia for 2mts now. Christmas was very enjoyable with my daughters. There was a plethora of boat stuff to get and jobs to do, add in solicitor, accountant, dentist (unsuccessful root canal), doctor (blood tests, plus, plus), dermatologist (another benign, BCC […]

Vanuatu to New Caledonia

It is only 280miles for Port Vila (Vanuatu) to the bottom of the 200mile long main Island of New Caledonia, but it is still a blue water passage and so necessitated watching the weather for  the safest and quickest weather window. A forecast of a headwind of 20-25kts gusting over 30, had  us moving out of cruising mode, […]

Ambrym and Pentecost Islands. Vanuatu

  Due to our limited available time in Vanuatu, it was time to move on from the Maskelynes. The narrow entry into the anchorage necessitated good light, to make visually sure we did not hit the coral, so we could not leave before 9am. Next stop was Ranon Bay on Ambrym Island (37NM)Ambrym Island has 2 active […]

Maskelyne Island, Vanuatu

The Maskelyne Islands are a group of small islands on the south east corner of Malekula Island The island itself is only a few miles wide at the widest places, with a population of 700 adults The anchorage is on the south west side to get into the anchorage we needed to get through a […]

First week cruising in Vanuatu

In addition to partying the evenings at the bar, behind Logic‘s marina berth at the Yachting World Marina, Port Vila, VanuatuWe also provisioned the boat for 3-4 weeks cruising around Vanuatu. Fruit and Vegetables were sourced from the local market (see previous blog post). I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the supermarket, 10mins walk up […]

Fiji to Vanuatu

Clearing Fiji Customs and Immigration on the morning of Thursday 21st September 2017, was the usual frustrations dealing with bureaucracy in Fiji, taking lots of deep breaths and keep on saying “Fiji time” in my head, got me through it.  We left Vuda at midday and made out way due west, past the islands that […]

Off to Vanuatu

I am leaving Fiji with strong mixed emotions.  If I use a cursory over view, these last 4 months have flown, but if I slow down and look back through the photos, it feels like a lifetime (remembering that an important part of the  cruising life is slowing  down, enjoying being fully immersed in nature). My “run away […]

Cruising Fiji in Winter

Summer (November to April) is the Cyclone season in the South Pacific. In February 2016 Cyclone Winston hit Fiji, it was the strongest cyclone ever recorded in the Southern Hemisphere. There was plenty of evidence of the impact on Winston as I sailed around, coconut palms with their tops ripped off.Understandably I have no wish to be here in Logic […]

First Month in Fiji

I’ve been in Fiji for a month now….. time to go through all the photos and videos and put together a blog post. I’m on the western side of Viti Levu Island, the biggest island in Fiji There is an international Airport at Nadi, which makes it very easy for guests to fly in and […]

4 days on the Minerva Reefs, then onto Fiji

As you can see on the above satellite image, the Minerva Reefs are on a major under ocean ridge line. They are a couple of coral lagoon with almost nothing above the water at high tide and a substantial wall of coral deadening the ocean swell at low tide. There is no land within 400miles, to […]

New Zealand to Minerva Reef

The passage from New Zealand to the Minerva reefs was a lot more challenging than the run over from Australia to New Zealand. In hindsight, I would have probably waited for the next high pressure system to come over, rather than take the one that we did. But we had already passed on the last […]

off to Fiji (fourth time lucky)

So far we have had to cancel  3 departure date over the last 16days. Two when late cyclones suddenly appeared in what was looking like  ideal weather windows. Two days ago, when I checked the weather forecast on the morning of departure, there was now an enormous low pressure system with forecast 70kt wind, waiting […]

Cyclone Ella told us to wait for the next high

The evening prior to departure all the yachts waiting for a weather window to depart, had a meeting. A number of them had some concerns about (yet another late cyclone), Tropical Cyclone Ella, that has appeared on the weather forecast North East of Fiji. The forecast was that Ella was going to continue moving west […]

Leaving New Zealand for Fiji

Cyclone Donna, has finally moved on. It turned into a low pressure system that joined the next front coming across the Tasman Sea.  The remnants of Donna gave New Zealand yet another blustery rain depression. She resulted in a Gale Warning for the seas outside our cozy marina berth in the Bay of Island Marina, […]

Leaving New Zealand……..sometime

The tropical waters of the South Pacific have an official cyclone season, over summer, from 1st November to 30th April (in the northern hemisphere they are called hurricanes and typhoons, but in the northern summer). I had been enjoying the cyclone free waters of New Zealand, waiting for the cyclone season to end, before sailing […]

Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand

        I now have a crew member for the next 4wks of my time in New Zealand. Lisa works at the harbour in Falmouth on the south western English coast, who is over in NZ for her winter. Lucky girl had a Common Dolphin interaction first day out First anchorage in the Hauraki Gulf […]

Bay of Islands, New Zealand

  Logic and I have sailed over to New Zealand to escape from the heat of a Queensland summer. Now we are here it is time to explore this amazing country, and it’s very friendly people. The initial week post arrival in NZ was rainy, so I decided to stay put in the marina in Opua (1) First anchorage was Kerikeri […]

videos of Logic doing 200mile days

In this series of videos hopefully I can share with you what if feels like to sail Logic at an average of 9kts for two and a half days. The last 500miles on our journey from Oz to NZ. I will start with the view from the kitchen window as the ocean rushes past a […]

Lord Howe Island to Opua, New Zealand

After successfully hiding out from the 35kt headwind front, it was time to leave our mooring in Lord Howe Island’s lagoon (LHI). The weather forecast was light winds (motoring) for the first 36hrs then the forecast was 20kts from the beam for 4 days. My initial feeling was to wait for the wind and put […]

Lord Howe Island

  For the 1,200mile crossing of the Tasman Sea, I have 2 competent crew members Andre (in centre) and Kevin (on right). I did a quick snorkel on the new propellers to make double sure they were not going to cause us any problems. Everything was perfect. After going through all the paperwork with Australian […]

Off to New Zealand

The Francis/Logic journey continues. Off to New Zealand today. 1,100miles across the Tasman Sea then 100 miles down the east coast of the North Island to Opua. I’ve got 2 experience crew on board, and the weather forecast is a benign 10-15kts from the north, so it should be relatively cruisy, week of sailing. There […]

Living the Dream

  Off most of the Queensland Coast there is an underwater plain, at a depth of 20-50mt, running out 30-50miles, then it gets to the continental shelf, where the depth suddenly falls to over 1,000mts. On this plain, coral formations built up over the millennium as the water depth went up and down with the ice ages. […]

Cairns to Lizard Island and back

  For the last three decades, I have dreamt of sailing my own boat into Watson’s Bay on Lizard Island. The 360mt summit of Lizard Island is where Cook climbed too,  to find a way out of the barrier reef after rebuilding his boat, following a grounding on a coral reef 50 miles to the south. From a […]

highlights from the last 6 weeks

I am finally on top of my computer issues. I tried using one of those new PC, Tablet hybrids, and wont again, gone back to a big chunky reliable Toshiba laptop. Highlights from the last 6 weeks;- catching up with my mate Bruno. Last year, the guy moored next to me in the marina in […]

going north……take 2……part 2

  The coast line north of Great Keppel Island is picturesque, with white sandy beaches, between the craggy headlands   It was deserted apart from the myriad of Humpback whales, if they were not surfacing close by, they were breaching in the distance. an adult Humpback is  the same length as Logic (14.2mts) and 4 times the […]

going north……take 2……part1

    After a month in the marina,  working on the boat, I was getting marina fever, and needed to be back on the sea. Via an add on the internet (gumtree), I found 3 crew. Rob from Melbourne, Annie from Denmark and Arianne from Scotland We left Morton Bay with rain squalls coming through a […]

Back to Brisbane

There were 3 pages of non critical jobs festering away in the back of my brain, that needed addressing if I was going to be able to truly relax. So I made the decision a month ago  to go back to Brisbane and cross them all off the to-do list. It has been a productive […]

The Whitsundays

    After 800 miles sailing we are in the world famous Whitsunday Islands, or as a friend jokingly described them  “the wetsundays” .we finally got some fleeting sunshine, so we went to Stonehaven anchorage on Hook Island Magical spot, with coral bommies directly behind Logic, as we pulled up to the fixed mooring the snorkelling was not as […]

4th week (catch up)

    Apologies for the tardiness in my postings, I have had the dreaded “man flu” for the last 10 days, which along with sailing most days, have resulted in minimal energy to post. We swapped the ambience of coral cays for the rocky islands of the mid Queensland coast as we sailed the 27 miles north to Great […]