Looking for Crew

My crew from 1st of August, cannot now make it, so I am now looking for crew from then on.

Barry and I will be bachelor cruising, until the end of this month. Then Tannis is flying over from Winnipeg to get a 1 month cruising fix, as we take Logic from Noumea (New Caledonia) to Port Villa (Vanuatu), via the volcano on Tanna Island, (and a few other islands).

My plan is from the start of August, to spend 3-4wks cruising up from Port Vila to Esparto Santo (Vanuatu), spending a lot of time interfacing with the subsistence farming villagers (think Discovery Channel).

If I have not got sick of the back islands of Vanuatu by then, I will continue north into the even more remote Banks Group of Islands, or head over to Fiji, for the festivities of Musket Cove Race Week.

October is too far away to have a definite itinerary, then November, it is time to start looking for the weather window for the passage down to New Zealand.

3 weeks (ideally 4) is the minimum time frame. That way I do not have to overly worry about the weather window to get too from an airport.

I do not enjoy the sound of people vomiting intensely, which rules out those with sea-sickness.

I find special diets a pain in the arse, which rule out vegos, extreme lactose intolerance, etc.

Preference will be given to people who know how to sail, the more experience the better.

Vanuatu is my favorite country in the world, due the open friendliness of the villagers in the less visited islands

My blog write up on last years visit to the Maskelyne Islands is  http://sailinglogic.net/maskelyne-island-vanuatu/

and Ambrym and Pentecost Islands is http://sailinglogic.net/ambrym-and-pentecost-islands-vanuatu/

I was slack and did not get around to blogging probably the best, the village in Malua Bay on Malakula Island

Just putting these photos together has got me feeling “homesick”

a days sail from there is Luganville on the island of Esperanto Santo, to re-provision (and an international airport to fly crew in and out)


plus the totally random experiences, that add to the cruising life

Like a pod of Pilot Whales (or maybe False Killer Whales) crossing our path with the bull swimming between the hulls, looking for a bow wave to ride