off the north eastern corner of Malekula 

there is a lovely little Island called Vao (vow)with an anchorage on the western side, giving protection from the SEly trade windsI endeavor to do my travelling during the week days and anchor off a village over the week end, when the children are not in school. So I was very pleased that I had arrived in Vao on Friday afternoon.

Lucie paddled out and offered to guide me around the islandin the heart of the island is an old dancing ground used for ceremonies called a nasara

with tam tamsbecause it is small island the pigs can free range,Lucie and her sister, Iva, married brothers (Lucie has 4 daughters and Iva has 4 sons)they all live in an expanding group of buildings, with their husbands’ parents.

Their mother-in-law was making laplap

this pig was being fattened up on kitchen scraps, for a feast in a few weeks timethe walk back, went past the catholic church (yes it is another French speaking Catholic village, so my name has changed back to François (FRANCE wah))
the delicious gifted pawpaw was  added to the stash of fresh fruit and veg, that was like a Magic Pudding, never getting a chance to decrease in size, as I was continually asked what I needed, by the locals I went back to Logic, and cooked dinner, then came back for kava, with chief Commie (forgot the camera, so no photos).
The next morning I continued my tradition of giving the priest a bottle of wine for the church, which Father Ronald gladly accepted.then a visit to the grave of Lucie and Iva’s recently deceased fatherI usually invite a bunch of  children to Logic to watch videos, after church on Sunday , but I needed to use the limited weather window to go south this Sunday, so it had to be Saturday.

Saturday is usually the day the whole families goes to the mainland (Malekula) to work the family garden, to grow the food to feed themselves. Everybody piling in the taxi, banana boats for the trip over.  The children were not going to miss out on a visit to the boat, so they sent the fathers of too work, while they piled into Albert for the ride to Logic   and movies and popcorn

I am leaning…. now getting one of them to write all the names downLucie and her 4 daughters (Mouna, Frederika, Isane and Miriam)
I got the children to pump up a couple of volley balls, for themselves

Robert ate so much popcorn, he got a bellyache, so I ended up taking the children ashore.

Very quickly they were practising their volleyball.There was a demarcation dispute as too who was going to hold my hand, as we walked through the village the children played with their balls in the nasara, while I flew the dronesome of the older boys put on a show for me on the tom toms
Young Isane, was trying very hard to adopt me as her dadbecause Lucie’s husband Frederick could not come out for the movie session, he and Lucie’s brother Jackson came out that evening for kava and whiskey along with Lucie and Abel
Abel and I had a long discussion about why I fitted into a Catholic village so well. He was of he option that it was due to my Catholic upbringing. While I felt it was their Catholic upbringing, that has them far less materialistic , than the other denominations.

Sunday morning and it was time for mass the hymn singing (all in French) was on par with going to a concertafter mass I put the drone up, for entertainment for the people

Isane, came to say goodbye

Chief Commie, grabbed me to take a photo of his wife, sister and himself, just as I was leavingIsane was intend on claiming the Cornwall Teddie, that Lisa had given Logic, but it was not to beone last tickle of Isane, to coach out a smileand I was off. 

the atypical light winds had dugouts everywhere fishing, for me to watch out for as I motor/sailed 18miles down the coast of Malekulato Uri and Karl, Nora and their daughers, too unload the enormous yam that had been under the table since Gauaand the 30kgs of laplap rocks that Karl was given in Gaua(only in Vanuatu)

I am not game to attempt trimming my beard, with scissors and a mirror, it will have to wait for a barber