In this series of videos hopefully I can share with you what if feels like to sail Logic at an average of 9kts for two and a half days. The last 500miles on our journey from Oz to NZ.

I will start with the view from the kitchen window as the ocean rushes past a metre below.

Usually there was a sea bird or two soaring amongst the waves, but getting one in a video alluded me.

If I was lucky there was a flock/school of flying fish in flight when I looked out.

Initially the wind was aft of the beam, by the time I took this video had it came round to abeam reach of 22kts. We had two reefs in the main and the staysail had replaced the genoa.

Due to the change in wind direction a day and half ago the seas, were short and choppy.

When I see the stern going in and out of the water like this I appreciate the stabilising effect those last 1.2mts of hull have.

Watching the bows cut through the water like this, gives me an appreciation of the power the sails have pushing the boat through the waves.

As an experiment I put the camera in the underwater housing and reached over the front. It took a few goes to fine tune the angle I needed to hold it at, but this video made it worth the effort.

Much to Kevin’s concern, I then put on a safety harness and a short tether and went down the steps to the windward stern landing to take this video.

You can see from the last two videos how close those waves get to the bridge-deck, in fact every now and then one would slam into it, resulting in a noise and feeling like someone was hitting it with a sledge hammer. In addition occasionally a big wave would rumble it’s way along the underside of the bridge deck, resulting in a feeling like a foot massage, accompanied by a glorious rumbling noise.

My bunk is on the bridge deck, understandably it takes the first day for me to get use to sleeping with all the banging and noise going on under me.

What a blast it was, would not be anywhere else and like a cigarette addict I’m hanging out to do it again ASAP.