doing the school run

Cruising around the South Pacific is never boring, full of the unexpected, like being asked to take some kids back to boarding school, on the other side of the island (Gaua, Vanuatu). The village did not have any road access and it was only 20 miles, so I said “yeah, sure”.

2 kids turned into 9, plus 4 adults (the 2 village chiefs, the Anglican Minister and one of the village elders), which necessitated 4 trips in the dingy, to get them all onboard and off again.


Plus the chickens and the bush knives.

the kids were so well behaved, I did not realise they were onboard most of the time

Chief John, hand steered the whole way, and did a good job of it, as we came back, wing on wing with the genoa and the screecher up.

Caught an 8kg wahoo, which made everybody happy, and then they went out and got me 3 good size crayfish.

A great day, but I needed some cave time the day after to recover.