Leaving New Zealand for Fiji

Cyclone Donna, has finally moved on.

It turned into a low pressure system that joined the next front coming across the Tasman Sea.  The remnants of Donna gave New Zealand yet another blustery rain depression.

She resulted in a Gale Warning for the seas outside our cozy marina berth in the Bay of Island Marina, Opua.

The front that went over us this morning was a big one. 50kt plus northerly on the east side and 40kt plus southerly on the west side. With an eye of a cyclone like lull in the middle.

Departure time is now tomorrow morning, with a 20kt southerly behind us. Hopefully by then the southerly has flattened the 4mt northerly swell.

Then we need to go as fast as we can comfortable go, to get past the wind lull that will have developed 3-400 miles north of NZ, 48hr post departure.

From there on the forecast is 20kts from the beam, all the way to Fiji.

That is if we do not stop at Minerva Reef. 780miles out.

Minerva Reef is 3mile wide doughnut of coral reef, 300miles from any land. entrance is via a small gap in the reef on the NW side. That obviously needs to be crossed in daylight.

It is purported to be an amazing place to stop. Plenty of crayfish and fishing, on top of spectacular snorkeling.hopefully the weather is conducive to us, anchoring there for at least a few days.

then it is under 400miles to Fiji as per the trip over you can follow our progress via  the page linked to the “our location” menu above.

and follow the weather we are getting via www.windy.com