And then there were two (grandchildren)

In March this year, after an ultrasound confirmation that there was another baby coming with a heartbeat   My Precious Eldest Daughter (PED) Kate and Jackson, excitedly informed me that they were having another baby

In early September, I had to fly down to Brisbane, from Gove in Northern Australia to get a boat part fixed. I got to spend a lovely 5 days with Jackson, Louis and a very pregnant Kate In the afternoon of 23rd September, with no phone reception I decided to ring Kate on the satellite phone, for her to tell me that Frederick have arrived into the world that morning

3.9kgs is the same weight as the tuna I have been sports fishing up here which is enormous, for somebody as petite as my PED

Especially with Frederick “tapdancing on her spine” for the last month

What she went through carrying Frederick for 9 months was extradentary self-sacrifice and acknowledged as such by her family and friends. 

For the clucky ones and those reliving memories of having their own babies, come into the world (me with PED included). Here are some photos of Frederick’s first day

as I heard on the phone, he came into the world with a good set of lungs and I have been informed a big appetite.

Louis was given my middle name Rupert, so it was the other Grandfather’s turn. Frederick was given Robert as his middle name the other contented grandmother and (step) grandfather Time for the ride home in his car capsule Louis is thrilled to have his brother home, upsetting his space as the only child in the house

a kiss for his brother my parents came for their first visit with Frederick

Uncle LachieAunty PhoebeThe family and Frederick are adjusting to the big change in their circumstances

Now I have 2 grandsons to read stories tooand soon Louis will have a brother to go picking mulberries with Hope you enjoyed the photos