The weather forecast for the next week was light southerlies.

Ideal weather for me to show Barry, my favorite spots in The WhitsundaysThe wind was 10kts from dead astern, so we wing-on-winged the Screecher and the Genoa

for the 45 miles to Scawfell Island

the island has a “pacman” shape, open to the NW

A lovely coral fringed beach to anchor off with a deserted sandy beach for our afternoon walkies and a nice sunset to accompany our sundowners G&T we where off at first light the next morning, for the sun to rise over Scawfell the southern Whitsundays are full of small islands everywhere, as we sailed north

time to fire up the desalinator/ water-maker bake bread and sprout seeds before we arrived at Thomas Island anchoring as close to the beach as the fringing coral allowedgoing ashore for a walk across the island and back

for a rather spectacular sunset

leaving Thomas at first light the next morning

this place is very picturesque, especially with weather like this today’s destination was the iconic Whitehaven Beach with it’s hoard of day trippersa walk up to one of the lookouts

the water temperature was 25.7C.

Time for a swim Barry to work on his tan

then back to Logic for a drink and a sundowners sunset over Whitehaven Beach leaving Whitehaven at first light the next dayto go around to Airie Beach anchoring outside the marina

we caught up with Leeanne and Gordon on Caprice for dinner on their’stwo nights in Airlie, then we where off again, in rather different cloudy skies, than the blue ones we had become use tothe clouds quickly burnt off, to another perfect day the water in Gloucester Passage was a stunning turquoise half way to Bowen the fishing reel went off. We had to drop the Screecher to reel the fish ina good size Queenfish

despite it’s impressive size it was only 6.3kgsBarry cooked up some of my filleting, streaming it with ginger, garlic and oniondelicious by now we were well versed, in the alarm going off 20mins, before first light.

Making a cup of tea in the darkto pull the anchor up in the first light, and enjoy the sunrise (cup of tea in hand)going past the coal loader at Abbot Point Cape UpstartCape Bowling Green past Bowling Green the fishing reel went nuts, taking out a lot of line before I managed to tire the fish on the other end. Then I had to get all that line in. Only for the disappointment, when it got close enough, of seeing it was a Mackerel Tuna. Poor eating fish, so back it went finally arriving in Townsville into a lovely Marina Berth framed by a park full of lush trees my plan is to spent a fortnight here (fixing the gear that broke), then up to Cairn to pick up Kev, from NZ, on the 16th of July  for a leisurely 3-4 weeks sail up to Thursday Island