Santa goes home

When I was in full-on “South Seas Vagabond” mode, my beard decided to get in on the act, growing itself to Santa Claus proportionswhen Lisa suggested we go to Lapland, to see the Northern Lights, it recognised that Lapland is also the location of the official residence of Santa Claus, so it  started vigorously shaking me head in “yes please, take me home” agreement.

It has been growing itself back too Santa lengths for it’s returnit is 1,000kms from Helsinki to Inari (300kms north of the Arctic Circle)as we flew north, the snow and ice started appearing below us

the airport tarmac was covered in frozen snowas was the road, for the 40 minute drive to our accommodationthe Inari Wilderness Hotel doing my best bear impersonation there was few hundred meter walk from reception to our cabin

with a big window

 looking over a frozen Lake Inarijarvi

one of the first jobs upon arrival, was to bury the bottle of vodka in the snow outside the cabinwe had no activities schedules for the day we arrived, so Lisa and I headed off,  for a walk across the frozen lake

there were 3 reindeer out on the ice

there was a patch of lovely soft snow on the northern shoreso of course Lisa had to make a “snow angel”

the sun was setting (a little after 2pm) as we walked back across the frozen lake.

At this time of the year, the sun never breaks over the horizon. The light from it appears above the horizon a little after 10am and disappears a little after 2pm.

The next day was an exciting one for my beard, we were off to the reindeer farm, to meet up with Rudolph and the gang.


I think Rudolph recognised me one needs to keep well clear of his horns, in case he drops his head to the ground

then it was into the slay

Rudolph’s nose was not so bright, luckily Lisa’s was

then it was into a nice warm hut, for a hot drinkthe next activity was dog sledding, on a frozen lake

the dogs were very excited to get goingonce let loose, they were off and runningi enjoyed the experience immensly

at the end of the ride, the dogs got a thank you pat

the first two are the leaders, for the rest to followthe ones at the back are the muscle and the ones in the middle, make up the numbersLisa got to play with the new puppiesNow that my beard is happy, the adults in the group can go aurora spotting