Two year review


It is now 2 years since I signed the contract to buy Logic, a lot has changed, most certainly I’ve changed a lot.

I’m a lot happier living on the boat than I was on the land. I relate a lot better to other sailors than I did to my fellow suburbanites.

Initially I was my usual Francis, “leaning how to swim by diving in the deep end, after watching a heap of YouTubes”. It was very amusing to the competent swimmers sitting around the pool. But 2 years later I am doing blue water crossings and heading into the South Pacific and they are still sitting around the swimming pool.

There was a daunting amount of stuff to learn and decisions to make. One job at a time they all got done, and the final outcome is something I am proud of.

A big part of the success was the quality of the boat I bought.

I had a shopping list. 45-49ft, aluminium, daggerboards, good bridge-deck clearance, propellers on shafts not sail-drives, and most importantly a sailor’s boat, not a floating condominium. All my criteria were met by a Mumby 48.

There were two on the market, when I went looking, I decided on the one built by the Designer himself, Tim Mumby.

She was only 5 years old, less than 6,000 miles covered and 250 hours on the motors. An added attraction was the boat was in the Philippines and the ad said that she could be delivered wherever I wanted. 2,500 miles sailing her with the designer/builder was not on my initial wish list, but soon was.

While she safely and uneventfully covered the 3,500 miles back to Brisbane, there was still a lot I needed and wanted to do to her, to make me feel comfortable sailing and manoeuvring, a big boat, that at times feels like an aircraft carrier.

The tradesman, rigger, sailmakers etc that I met on that journey, were all a pleasure to work with and the experiences enriched my life, and if any of you ever read this…. thank you.

The plethora of amazing people I have met on the water over the last 2 years, now have a special place in my heart.

The word that best sums up my experiences over the last 2 years is WOW, I could not have come up with a better way to spend the time, and I am eagerly awaiting the journeys to follow, as they unfold.