After months of planning and work Logic, is finally getting to go cruising.

The initial plan was for a shakedown cruise south, but that is where the wind usually comes from at this time of the year. So with no forecasts of northerlies, I decided to go north using the prevailing south easterlies to propel us.

The cyclone season on the Queensland Coast is from November to April 30th, but historically an April cyclone on the mid Queensland coast is rare. So we will take our time heading up the coast.

The first 3 days had 20 to 25nts southerlies, so we anchored in the lee of Morton Island. Going ashore a low tide, there were solder crabs everywhere, which made for a very busy video.

Finally the wind strength dropped to 15 to 20kts, we headed off at first light, to use the 2kts of tidal flow to help us on our way.

The waves had built up some decent size after 3 days of strong winds, which made the ride north memorable. The new screecher sail was ideal for the 7/8 reach, averaging 8.5kts for the trip.




At 3.30 we rounded Double Island Point,P3170266 (Custom)

and anchored behind the sand cliffs of Rainbow BeachnewP3170274 (Custom)

We woke at 3am the next morning to crossed the notoriously dangerous Wide Bay Bar at first light. Luckily for us the bar was benign, with the breaking waves 100mts to the south of the way line.

We dropped anchor in the first safe anchorage and had a well deserved feed of bacon and eggs, and a few hours sleep, then it was time to up anchor and motor down to the town of Tin Can Bay.

Tin Can Bay is a lovely provincial coastal townsweet sleepy Tin Can Bay (Custom)fishing operation and expert advice to be had (Custom)

Then we motored up to Gary’s Anchorage, one of the iconic anchorage in the waterway between Fraser Island and the mainland.P3190315 (Custom)


P3190311 (Custom)

after a few weeks of rain the horse flies, mosquitos and sand flies were numerous and hungry for bloodP3200341 (Custom)

so we left Gary’s at first light and went up to Kingfish Bay Resort for lunch.P3210372 (Custom)P3200347 (Custom)P3200364 (Custom)

the next morning P3210370 (Custom)

we sailed over to Bundaberg, to refuel, and hide from the 20-25kts winds that were forecast for the next day.

Even after spending 4 days anchored we still logged 265 nautical miles for the week.

Leaving early tomorrow we are going to sail the 55 miles to Lady Musgrave Island, the weather forecast for the next few days is alternating 10-15knts with 15-20knts, which is the upper limit for comfortable, safe anchoring in the lagoon. once we get there we will decide whether to go into the lagoon or anchor on the outside for a night.