The Crew



Rob sailed with me for 5 weeks over July and August 2016.

He replied to an ad for crew I put up on gumtree. He and I did a lot of rock climbing in a previous stage of our life, so it was an easy decision to make to take him on as crew.

He loves his fishing, so he quickly took over the responsibility for putting the trolling lines out when we were underway and taking them in, as we came into anchor.

I very much enjoyed having him on board.

He was good enough to write me a reference, for other crew that will come onboard in the future.


‘’Francis as captain

Francis has many qualities to recommend him as a captain. First and foremost is safety. He is very careful when choosing whole range of aspects that affect safety. For example being very conscious of weather and choosing weather windows, setting sails conservatively, finding safe anchorages, and introducing crew to safety aspects such as EPIRB, life jackets, radio, AIS, watches, clipping on to harnesses when setting sails in heavy weather, taking a hand held radio when out on the tender. He is a very experiences sailor, is right on top of maintenance, and knows every aspect of the boat like the back of his hand.

I always appreciated him being happy to answer questions about equipment, wind, technical aspects of the boat etc. The captain was very generous with sharing his gear such as snorkelling and fishing. The boat has a pretty good library of sailing books so plenty of chances to read and learn further.

Francis was careful to break the trip up with visits to interesting places. Cooking and cleaning is shared. The boat is, of course, beautiful with top flight equipment and comforts.

My guess is that he wants crew who are very proactive with assisting and being ‘on the ball’.’’rob1

rob02 (Small)