A Screecher is a sail part way between a Genoa and a Spinnaker.

Logic’s Genoa is 49 square meters and her Spinnaker is 150 square meters (Mainsail is 79 square meters).

The spinnaker is a beast to get down, especially if the wind has increased.

Logic’s screecher is 90 square meters, with the foot attached to the 2.4mt prouder. It has an endless furled with the lines run back to the port cockpit winch.

After a few too many scares getting the Spinnaker down, I decided that we needed a Screecher, which was made for us in January 2016

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.screecher photo

Andrew the sailmaker from Ullman Sails, and I fitting the rope bag to hold the screecher furler line when we are not using it.