highlights from the last 6 weeks

I am finally on top of my computer issues. I tried using one of those new PC, Tablet hybrids, and wont again, gone back to a big chunky reliable Toshiba laptop.

Highlights from the last 6 weeks;-

  1. catching up with my mate Bruno.101-small

Last year, the guy moored next to me in the marina in Brisbane and I struck up a conversation. It turned out that we grew up 2km apart, both went to St. Elizabeth’s primary school (he was the year behind me), went to the same university (different faculties). Our paths must have crossed innumerable times over the years, and despite having so much in common, this was the first time we struck up a friendship.

Bruno was anchored in Gulnare Inlet, on the southern end of Whitsunday Island. Where I yet again crossed paths with him.103-large

We had a great week of sharing the cooking104-custom

wearing silly hats 105-custom

He borrowed a friend buggy and gave me a tour around Hamilton Island106-custom107-custom

2. Hamilton Island Race week.201-medium

Every year there is a big sailing regatta out of Hamilton Island.

I don’t miss racing sailing boats, but it was great to watch 100plus boats racing around the picturesque islands202-custom

and be glad I was not aboard 40-50ft boats having luffing duels, getting spinnaker poles caught in other boats sails and rigging.203-custom

then pulling away for a down wind spinnaker run204-medium

3. Horseshoe Bay on Magnetic island301-custom

A great sheltered anchorage, from the prevailing southerly trade winds. With a sandy beach, across the road from a great casual pub. Happy hour is 4-6pm, with $10 jugs of beer. Inevitably then the pub is full of  yachties from the anchored boats.

4. Lobestone reef


30 miles north of Magnetic Island is Lobestone Reef. Nothing above the water, but heaps below. It took an hour to find a patch of sand amongst  the coral, to drop the anchor, but was worth the effort, for the water visibility and snorkeling. 402-small403-custom404-customa school of 20 bump head wrasses swam through405-medium

Lobestone reef is 25miles from any land, too far for the tern that were fishing out here to fly back to land to roost at night, so they usually have to overnight on the wing at sea. Unless there is a handy anchored boat to roost on for the night. It was like a scene from the Hitchcock movies, except for the guano everywhere in the morning.406-custom

5. Zoe Bay on Hinchinbrook Island 501-medium

on the eastern side of Hinchinbrook Island is an extraordinary bay. 10 minutes walk from it, is a waterfall with a deep freshwater swimming hole502-small

It is crocodile country, so I was very watchful as we launched Albert from the beach503-custom over sundowner drinks we gave a lot of though to what movie the cloud hidden mountain peak scenery most reminded us of. Moldor from Lord of Rings, was the eventual winner.504-large

6. Vlasoff Cay


30 miles out of Cairns is Vlasoff Cay. All the is protruding above the water from an extensive coral reef is a tiny sand island.

I have never seen clams as big as the ones here, in profusion602-small603-small