The Crew

Giuseppe and Ira


Giuseppe (Italian) and Ira (German), joined me for a 10 day sail from Townsville to Cairns in mid September 2016.02-custom

We all had a great time

They fished04-custom

They cooked fish05-customwe ate fish06-custom

and then repeated the process07-custom

they snorkelled08-medium

and sat down paddle boarded09-custom

As they were leaving the wrote this in the ship’s log

Hi future crew,

We are Ira and Joe and we have been sailing with the Capitan Francis about 10 days. When we joint Francis and his Logic we had not really an idea about what sailing is, what sailing means but we enjoyed such a good time on board, probably the most interesting part of our journey in Australia till now. The first and most important thing: we have felt safety on the boat, all the time long; Capitan Francis really cares about safety. We had a full briefing about danger and safety on board just arrived at the marina and all the journey long he cared about all sailing details. Just feel safe if you will join him. Then, we really appreciated his teaching about the boat and sailing, we never made anything without knowing what we were really doing: he is really patience in teaching and explaining, he really loves it. Capitan Francis is not just a Capitan, he is a full experienced man in life, he has been in many places of the world and he has done several things in his life; he really like to share his experiences with others, he has been really open and honest doing it. That’s what made our journey really special was his lust to enjoy life, enjoy the sailing life, the sea and the world around; this is his life and he lives it with an evergreen smile and an incredible energy. We have seen really amazing places which we wouldn’t see other ways. We can’t find out the best day we had on the Logic, every single one was special. So, take a few things with you, t-shirt, swimming suit, mask, snorkel, and jump on a boat and let the wind drag you!!!

 Thank you, Capitan