The Crew



It took 40 years to finally do what I dreamed of doing in my teens, and buy the boat to explore the world in.

I have no regrets just an appreciation of a life well lived, currently being topped off by the experiences this blog will share with you.

Being a father was/is the highlight of my life. Kate and Phoebe have the skills and confidence to live happy fulfilled lives, all that a father could want for his precious children.

The saying “it is more about the journey than the destination” should be more used than it is, especially on a boat. The people you meet and the experience you would not have anticipated are magical. My uncle Bob and his wife Marg, when I told them of our plans, gave me their 1950 Admiralty “Ocean Passages of the World”, which they bought as they were setting off in search of adventure in their yacht Bunyip, that they built before I was born.

I cannot write this without dedication some part of our journey to my late Uncle Cliff, the mentor that had the biggest impact on the person I am, without him I would not have the confidence and skills to be doing this. He had a boat building factory on the Brisbane River, where we would spend our week-ends and school holidays Huckleberry Finn like playing on boat, making boats and then racing them. He may be gone, but he is still ever present in my thoughts.suping