The bank for a reason known only to them turned 5-10 days to do something that needed to be done before Francis could leave into 5 to 6 weeks, which was getting very frustrating so I decided to take out that frustration slipping the boat.

Luckily The Boatworks at Coomera could fit us in the next day, so we quickly made our way down there, to come out on Thursday, back in the water Monday.

2P3100179 (Custom)

After giving below the waterline a sand I rolled 3 coats of antifouling paint on.

4P3120190 (Custom)

Nasty stuff antifouling paint

5P3120195 (Custom)3P3120185 (Custom)

the rudder pop outs getting painted6P3140215 (Custom)

as did the dagger boards

7P3140217 (Custom)

I am trying a new antifouling paint on the propellers and shaft

P3140205 (Custom)

the top sides got a coat of waxnew

The Boatworks is very user friendly for live-aboards, but after having to commute through antifouling dust for 4 days it was great to have Logic heading back to the water.

9P3140237 (Custom)